Sinus Infection Symptoms - Do You Have These?

Published: 22nd December 2009
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Most of us at some time or another have experienced the pressure and pain in our face and head that often gets worse before it gets better. In this article you'll learn causes sinus infections, thee general symptoms of sinus infection, where sinus infections occur, and discuss some remedies to treat the symptoms of your sinus infection.

What is the cause of sinus infection symptoms?

It's first necessary to know what sinuses are. Sinuses are hollow packets of air on both side of the nose, in-between and behind the eyes, and in the forehead. Sinuses produce mucus that moistens and cleans the membranes of the throat and nose. Each sinus has a passage that opens into the nose that allows for the exchange of air mucus. When you have a blockage of the openings with inflammation you probably have a sinus infection. The pressure and mucus build in the sinuses and create a breading ground for bacteria. Sinus infection symptoms often follow other respiratory illness or a cold. Sometimes these symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction in a person who suffers from allergies. You may also experience the symptoms of sinus infection by not completely treating the first sinus infection you may have had, frequent swimming or blowing your nose too hard.

Common sinus infection symptoms:

Pressure around the eyes and swelling

Jaw and tooth ache



Nasal congestion, runny nose and cough

Tenderness in the nose, forehead and cheeks


Loud snoring

Ear ache and ear infection

Fatigue and weakness

Bad breath

Some other symptoms also may include:

Total loss of smell or decreased ability to smell

The plugging of the nasal passages and only being able to breathe through the mouth

Speech that is nasal sounding

The feeling of mucus draining down the back of your throat. Also known as post nasal drip

Foul smelling nasal discharge

What areas are most often affected by sinus infection symptoms?

You most often feel the pressure and pain from a sinus infection in four areas. If you have an infection in the front sinuses, you may experience a headache in your forehead. If your maxillary sinuses are infected, you may experience pain in the area of your cheek bones. If your pain goes to the top of the head, your sphenoid sinuses may be infected. Your sphenoid sinuses are located directly above your throat and deep behind the eyes. Lastly, if your ethmoidal sinuses are infected, you may experience an very bad pain behind the eyes.

Are there any remedies for sinus infection symptoms?

Sinus infections are most often treated with nasal sprays, antibiotics, or sometimes other medicine. Prevention is often times better than a cure, as sinus infections are common and often chronic for many people. Here are a few methods you may wish to try, such as regularly cleansing nasal passages and using a humidifier. These simple steps can greatly decrease the chance of going through sinus infection symptoms.

In this article we covered some general sinus infection symptoms you may experience, where the sinus infections take place and some simple remedies you may use to cur your sinus infection. I hope this information has been helpful. Sinus infections are no fun, that's for sure. Learn as much about the sinuses as you can. The knowledge you gain will help you to be better prepared to deal with your sinus problems.

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